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Janus Henderson InvestorsProvider of the Year
Allianz Global InvestorsBrand of the Year
BNP Paribas Asset ManagementBest Sustainable Investment Award (Overall Leader)
First State InvestmentsBest Sustainable Investment Award (Overall Leader)
Allianz Global InvestorsOutstanding Sustainable Investment Award (Overall Leader)
RobecoOutstanding Sustainable Investment Award (Overall Leader)
BNP Paribas Asset ManagementOutstanding Impact Investment Award
BNP Paribas Asset ManagementOutstanding Sustainable Impact Award

This award aims to recognize an individual who has led his/her team to outstanding performances over the consistency of three-year and five-year performances against the benchmark and their peers, and how they have managed their mandates with excellent stewardship in safeguarding shareholders’ capital, grew the size of the fund/mandate without compromising safety and returns.

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Asia Fixed IncomeJoyce Tan, UOB Asset ManagementManager of the Year
Asia Fixed Income
Mark Tay, Allianz Global Investors
Outstanding Manager Award
Asia EquityMartin Lau, First State InvestmentsManager of the Year
Europe Equity
Ken Hsia, Investec Asset Management Limited
Manager of the Year
Global EquityClyde Rossouw, Investec Asset Management Limited
Outstanding Manager Award
High Yield Fixed IncomeDoug Forsyth, Jim Dudnick and Steven Gish, Allianz Global Investors
Outstanding Manager Award
Multi Assets StrategiesPatrick Brenner, Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) LimitedManager of the Year

These awards recognize players of the different asset classes and strategies that have delivered sustained consistent out-performance on a risk-adjusted basis with a clear, coherent and sustainable 3-steps methodology and by following the 5-prong criteria.

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    Asia EquitySchroder Investment Management (Singapore) LimitedBest-in-Class
    Asia ex-Japan EquityBlackRock Asset Management North Asia LimitedBest-in-Class
    Asia ex-Japan Equity
    First State Investments
    Outstanding Achiever
    Emerging Markets EquityNo Qualified WinnersN/A
    Europe EquityInvescoBest-in-Class
    Europe EquityJanus Henderson InvestorsOutstanding Achiever
    Global EquityT. Rowe PriceBest-in-Class
    Global EquityColumbia Threadneedle InvestmentsOutstanding Achiever
    Greater China EquityJanus Henderson InvestorsBest-in-Class
    Greater China EquityNeuberger Berman Asia LimitedOutstanding Achiever
    India EquityFirst State InvestmentsBest-in-Class
    India EquityPineBridge
    Outstanding Achiever
    Japan EquityJanus Henderson InvestorsBest-in-Class
    Japan Equity
    Allianz Global Investors
    Outstanding Achiever
    US Large-Cap EquityNo Qualified WinnersN/A
    US Small/Mid-Cap EquityRobecoBest-in-Class
    US Small/Mid-Cap Equity
    Columbia Threadneedle Investments
    Outstanding Achiever
    Property SectorNeuberger Berman Asia LimitedBest-in-Class
    Consumer SectorInvesco
    Consumer Sector
    Outstanding Achiever
    Technology SectorJanus Henderson InvestorsBest-in-Class
    Technology SectorT. Rowe PriceOutstanding Achiever
    Emerging Markets Fixed IncomeNeuberger Berman Asia LimitedBest-in-Class
    Emerging Markets Fixed IncomeT. Rowe PriceOutstanding Achiever
    Asia Fixed IncomeFullerton Fund ManagementBest-in-Class
    Asia Fixed IncomeBlackRock Asset Management North Asia LimitedOutstanding Achiever
    High Yield Fixed IncomeRobecoBest-in-Class
    High Yield Fixed IncomeUOB Asset ManagementOutstanding Achiever
    US Fixed IncomeAllianz Global InvestorsOutstanding Achiever
    US Fixed IncomeNeuberger Berman Asia LimitedOutstanding Achiever
    Asia AllocationFirst State InvestmentsBest-in-Class
    Asia AllocationJ.P. Morgan Asset Management (Singapore) Limited
    Outstanding Achiever
    Cautious AllocationNo Qualified WinnersN/A
    Multi-Assets IncomeNo Qualified WinnersN/A
    Multi-AlternativeLegg Mason Global Asset ManagementBest-in-Class
    Market NeutralRAM Active InvestmentsBest-in-Class

BENCHMARK is pleased to announce the TOP performing funds for this year’s BENCHMARK Fund of the Year Awards.

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  • CategoryFund NameAward Status
    Asia ex-Japan EquitySchroder Asian Growth SGDBest-in-Class
    Asia ex-Japan EquityFidelity Asian Equity S-Acc-SGDOutstanding Achiever
    Asia-Pacific ex-Japan EquityJPM Asia Pacific Equity A (acc) USDBest-in-Class
    Asia-Pacific ex-Japan EquityFirst State Dividend AdvantageOutstanding Achiever
    Asia-Pacific ex-Japan EquityInvestec GSF Asia Pacific Eq A Acc USDOutstanding Achiever
    Asia-Pacific incl Japan EquityFidelity Pacific A-Dis-USDBest-in-Class
    China EquityUBS (Lux) EF China Oppo (USD) PBest-in-Class
    Emerging Markets EquityHSBC GIF BRIC Equity M1CBest-in-Class
    Europe Equity IncomeSchroder ISF European Eq Yld A IncBest-in-Class
    Europe Large-Cap Blend EquityInvestec GSF European Eq A Inc USDBest-in-Class
    Europe Large-Cap Growth EquityFidelity European Dynamic Gr A-Dis-EURBest-in-Class
    Europe Large-Cap Value EquityAB FCP I European Equity A AccBest-in-Class
    Europe Mid/Small-Cap EquityThreadneedle (Lux) Pan Eurp SmCp Opps AEOutstanding Achiever
    Europe Small/Mid-Cap EquityJPM Europe Small Cap A (dist) EURBest-in-Class
    Eurozone Large-Cap EquityDB Platinum IV CROCI Euro R1CBest-in-Class
    Global Equity IncomeNN (L) Global High Div P Cap EURBest-in-Class
    Global Large-Cap Blend EquityFidelity World A-Dis-EURBest-in-Class
    Global Large-Cap Growth EquityFidelity Global Focus A-Dis-USDBest-in-Class
    Global Large-Cap Value EquityEastspring Inv World Val Eq ABest-in-Class
    Global Small/Mid-Cap EquityBGF Global SmallCap A2Best-in-Class
    Global Small/Mid-Cap EquityTempleton Global Smaller Coms A(Ydis)USDOutstanding Achiever
    Greater China EquityUBS (Lux) EF Greater China (USD) PBest-in-Class
    India EquityFirst State Regional IndiaBest-in-Class
    Indonesia EquityFidelity Indonesia A-Dis-USDBest-in-Class
    Japan Large-Cap EquityHenderson Horizon Japan Opps A2 USD AccBest-in-Class
    Japan Small/Mid-Cap EquityParvest Equity Japan Small Cap C CBest-in-Class
    Singapore EquityNikko AM Shenton ThriftBest-in-Class
    Thailand EquityTempleton Thailand A(acc)USDBest-in-Class
    US Large-Cap Blend EquityAB FCP I US Thematic Research A AccBest-in-Class
    US Large-Cap Growth EquityBGF US Growth A2Best-in-Class
    US Large-Cap Value EquityDB Platinum IV CROCI US R1CBest-in-Class
    US Mid-Cap EquityBGF US Flexible Equity A2Best-in-Class
    US Small-Cap EquityLegg Mason RY US Sm Cp Opp A USD Inc ABest-in-Class
    US Small-Cap EquityParvest Equity USA Small Cap C COutstanding Achiever
    US Small-Cap EquitySchroder ISF US Smaller Comp A IncOutstanding Achiever
  • CategoryFund NameAward Status
    Consumer Goods & Services Sector EquityParvest Equity World Cnsmr Drbl C CBest-in-Class
    Consumer Goods & Services Sector EquityFidelity Global Cnsmr Inds A-Dis-EUROutstanding Achiever
    Energy Sector EquityBGF New Energy A2Best-in-Class
    Financials Sector EquityBGF World Financials A2RFBest-in-Class
    Financials Sector EquityNN (L) Banking & Insurance P Cap USDOutstanding Achiever
    Healthcare Sector EquityUnited Global Healthcare FundBest-in-Class
    Natural Resources Sector EquityBGF Natural Resources Gr & Inc A2 USDBest-in-Class
    Technology Sector EquityThreadneedle (Lux) Global Technology AUBest-in-Class
    Technology Sector EquityFidelity Global Technology A-Dis-EUROutstanding Achiever
  • CategoryFund NameAward Status
    Asia Fixed IncomeLionGlobal Asia Bond SGDBest-in-Class
    Asia Fixed IncomeNN (L) Asian Dbt Hrd Ccy P Cap USDOutstanding Achiever
    Emerging Markets Fixed IncomeDeutsche Invest I Em Mkts Corp USD LCBest-in-Class
    Emerging Markets Fixed IncomeBGF Emerging Markets Bond A1Outstanding Achiever
    Emerging Markets Fixed IncomeSchroder ISF Glbl High Inc Bd A AccOutstanding Achiever
    Global Fixed IncomeCapital Group GlbHi Inc Opps(LUX)XBest-in-Class
    High Yield Fixed IncomeFidelity Asian High Yield A-Acc-EURBest-in-Class
    Other Fixed IncomeHSBC GIF India Fixed Income ACBest-in-Class
    SGD Fixed IncomeFullerton SGD Income ABest-in-Class
    US Fixed IncomeAB FCP I Mortgage Income AX Inc
  • CategoryFund NameAward Status
    Aggressive AllocationHSBC Portfolios World Selection 5 ACBest-in-Class
    Asia AllocationJPM Asia Pacific Income A (dist) USDBest-in-Class
    Cautious AllocationHSBC Portfolios World Selection 1 ACBest-in-Class
    Moderate AllocationHSBC Portfolios World Selection 3 ACBest-in-Class
    Moderate AllocationInvestec GSF Glb StratMgd A Acc USDOutstanding Achiever
  • CategoryFund NameAward Status
    ConvertiblesJPM Global Convert (USD) A (acc) USDBest-in-Class

BENCHMARK is pleased to announce the TOP performing funds for this year’s BENCHMARK Fund of the Year Awards.

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  • CategoryFund NameAward Status
    Asia ex-Japan EquityFidelity Asian Smaller Coms Y-Acc-USDBest-in-Class
    China EquityHenderson Horizon China I2 USD AccBest-in-Class
    Emerging Markets EquityTempleton Em Mkts Smlr Coms I(acc)EURBest-in-Class
    Europe Large-Cap EquityAllianz Best Styles Euroland Eq I EURBest-in-Class
    Europe Small/Mid-Cap EquityParvest Equity Europe Sm Cap I CBest-in-Class
    Global Large-Cap EquityPineBridge Global Focus Equity YBest-in-Class
    India EquityPineBridge India Equity YBest-in-Class
    Japan EquityPineBridge Japan Small Cap Equity YBest-in-Class
    US Large-Cap Blend EquityPIMCO GIS StocksPlus Inst AccBest-in-Class
  • CategoryFund NameAward Status
    Real Estate Sector EquityHenderson Horizon Glbl Pty Eqs I2USD AccBest-in-Class
  • CategoryFund NameAward Status
    Asia Fixed IncomeFidelity Asian Bond Y-Acc-USDBest-in-Class
    Asia Fixed IncomeFullerton Lux Asian Bonds I USD IncOutstanding Achiever
    Emerging Markets Fixed IncomePIMCO GIS Em Mkts Bd Instl USD AccBest-in-Class
    Emerging Markets Fixed IncomeAB FCP I Emerging Markets Debt I IncOutstanding Achiever
    Global Fixed IncomePIMCO GIS Diversified Inc Inst Acc USDBest-in-Class
    High Yield Fixed IncomePIMCO GIS US High Yld Bd Inst Acc USDBest-in-Class
    US Fixed IncomeFranklin Strategic Income I(acc)USDBest-in-Class
  • CategoryFund NameAward Status
    AllocationAB SICAV I Em Mkts Mlt-Asst S1 AccBest-in-Class
    Moderate AllocationFranklin Glbl Fdmtl Strats I(acc)EURBest-in-Class
    Moderate AllocationTempleton Global Income I(acc)USDOutstanding Achiever
  • CategoryFund NameAward Status
    AlternativePineBridge Glbl Dyn Asset Allc YBest-in-Class