What's New in 2018?

Simpler Submissions, More Specific Questionnaire

We’ve been listening to both our judges’ and contestants’ feedback throughout the years, and we had been working toward meeting their needs.  

We’ve refined our judges’ questionnaire for the House Awards and the MPF Manager of the Year Awards (for underlying managers), with most questions asking for yes/no responses, a number or multiple choices. The questionnaire is designed to allow the judges to deliberate with information presented to them along the Six Key Pillars in a more aligned manner without taking a guess.   

You will still be allowed to elaborate by text for each pillar as some of your capabilities cannot be expressed effectively via a quantitative answer.   

Portfolio Specific Benchmarking Report

The granularity of the questionnaire will help us to produce a benchmarking report specifically for your flagship portfolio. The report will compare your firm’s score for specific activities with your top performing peers’.  A performance summary for your flagship portfolio over the six pillars of evaluation: 1. Investment philosophy and process; 2. Securities selection and sell discipline; 3. Portfolio construction; 4. Risk and performance management; 5. ESG integration into the investment process; and 6. Operations; comes as complimentary with each entry.  See a Sample Report.

A more detailed report containing the performance of the Subsets for each Pillar (approximately 40 data points), such as how you would compare to your top performing peers in terms of consistency in investment style, sell discipline, idea generation, depth of the research bench, level of ESG integration into the investment process, etc., can be made available at an additional cost. 


Fund Selectors’ Survey

Our objective is to let both the buy and sell sides come to a meeting point for the benefit of the investors.  This year we will survey our 80 jurors who are gatekeepers at Private and Premier banks, and asset owners in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan on their priorities when selecting funds. This report will be made available to both parties upon the completion of this year’s journey.