Submission Info

Entry Application and Paper Submission are intended to be simple, straightforward and are all conducted online. 

STEP ONE - Entry Guide
  • Read the entry guidelines carefully.
  • Within, you will find detailed requirements for each category and the methodology they will be subject to.
STEP TWO - Online Entries
  • Submit entries online by or before the closing date to secure entry consideration. Late entries will not be
  • Once the online entries are received, applicants will receive an email acknowledgment with the invoice for the entry fee.
STEP THREE - Online Submission
  • When entries close, a link for Online Submission will be sent out by email.
  • Make your Online Submission and upload all required documents by or before the submission deadline. Please note that all entry fees must be received before your submissions can be processed. There will be no exceptions!

Entry Fee

A US$550 standard fee is chargeable to each of the first FOUR (4) entries.

Multiple Entry Discount
Multiple Entry discount applies to collective entries among Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan entering the same year.

No. of Entries DiscountEntry Fee
1st to 4th0% US$ 550
5th to 10th15% US$ 468
11th and above20%US$ 440

Early Bird Discount
To enjoy the Early Bird discount, clients are required to register and pay the entry fee in full on or before 18 August, 2017.

Multiple Country Discount
Multiple Country discount applies when you enter into 2 or more countries.

To learn more about these discounts, contact Chris Hay at